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Our sustained four-square management policy securely underpins every aspect of our services including,  Accounting & Budgeting, Service Charges, Inspections and Contractors.

Accounting and Budgeting 

Responsive financial planning and visible account reporting is critical to sustained block management control, efficiency and investment growth.

Charlesons uses market-leading software, which enables:

  • Constant account monitoring
  • Up to the minute statements
  • Highly accurate budgeting
  • Prevention of property arrears


We produce budgets in advance of the financial year end to allow for full consultation and payment process, which is fully compliant with lease contract terms.

Our in-house accounts team can prepare detailed analysis or an overview of:

  •  Service-charge demands and receipts
  • Monthly budget reports
  • Annual accounts
  • Reconciled client accounts
  • Property financial management reports

Instant accessibility

Our accounts team will also be informed and aware of all managed properties, their owners and any ongoing issues.

Charlesons’ London offices are easily located 2 minutes from Gants Hill station (Central Line), which provides instant accessibility to our wide range of local and national clients for all necessary face to face discussions and planning meetings.

Our past results.

Charlesons worked with block owners to produce a realistic budget.  All contracts were reviewed and planned maintenance was implemented.  

In 24 months the building was turned around from financial loss and lack of maintenance to minimal arrears. Ensuring fluidity of service charge accounts enables ongoing planned and responsive maintenance.


Charlesons management strategy underlines the critical role played by property inspections in upholding our clients’ investment interests.

We carry out comprehensive site visits every three months with detailed database reports held for the entirety of the client’s contract period, which are available for review upon request.

Our past results.

Charlesons worked with the Leaseholders to resolve their issues and reduce service charge arrears owed. Payments had ceased as a result of Leaseholders feeling they had not received any service from the Managing Agent nor maintenance to the building.

Service Charges 

The quality and integrity of service charge management is crucial to apartment block sustainability and the leaseholder relationship. 

With over 12 years property management experience, the Charlesons approach is based on thorough legal compliance, straight forward risk-prevention strategies and highly organised financial planning: 

  • Strict fund management and budgeting
  • Automated service charge administration
  • Fast debt recovery
  • Submitted bank accounts no later than 6 months after year end
  • Transparent accounting of all leaseholder fees and charges
  • Cost efficiency savings with regular supplier contract tendering

Charlesons’ criteria… 

Our approach to block management is founded upon the key principle of becoming the trusted, active presence of the client.

Regular residential site inspections are vital to:

  • Sustained management of property and facilities standards
  • Constantly staying in touch and aware of all ongoing matters

We can be fully relied upon to promptly and appropriately attend to all current issues, and to anticipate and prevent potential future problems.


Fully equipped to directly attend to daily matters 

The block management team are always fully equipped to directly attend to daily matters at all times. Consequently, clients are promptly informed, where appropriate, on progress or resolution of matters arising.

Site inspection is always considered the foremost method for evaluating the use of the building to its full potential. Increasing block value and improving residents’ quality of living is integral to the Charlesons criteria for maximising sustained investment.


Charlesons contractors are carefully vetted by formal interview and engaged via agreed service contracts. We ensure the highest quality of work and cost efficiency savings procured on behalf of our clients.

Our long term relationship with contractors extends to local, regional and nationwide resources.

Flexible and cost-effective 

Use of local contractors for general cleaning, lift servicing, and garden maintenance – with shorter distance travel and non liability for VAT – can often be more flexible and cost-effective.

We also accept any pre-existing block contractors that a client wishes to retain, subject to producing work to required quality standards at agreed rates, and possessing all necessary liability insurance.

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