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A Woman Knows It’s The One! Selling Your House With A Female Touch.

February 22, 2019

Who is likely to be interested in buying your property? It’s the standard question that every homeowner should ask themselves before putting up their house for sale. But even targeted marketing can be wide off the mark when trying to appeal to either a potential male or female buyer. It can also be notoriously difficult to sell a house and its “well appointed” charms – obvious to you of course – to both a man and a woman when they arrive together for a viewing.

Experienced, expert agents are always acutely aware of the potential difference in perception and approach, which could so easily make or break a deal for no apparent reason. It can very well be the case that a man will focus on generalised areas such as, overall room space, soundness of structure such as the roof, loft  and flooring, and the condition of the boiler and electrics. Other factors could be the use of a garage or a garden shed, and proximity to a main transport link, such as motorway for driving to work, etc.

A woman, on the other hand, can often have a very different approach to the search for a new home. A significant amount of time is likely to be spent on detailed research and gaining a clear understanding of the kind of property they are looking for that “feels right” to her –  and for her family. There tends to be much reliance on “gut instinct” and a trust in “knowing” immediately they have found the “right place”. Even when it is admitted that “there are some things which will need to be looked at” before or after moving in. Top of the list being the kitchen, in many cases.


Nearly one in six may simply offer the full asking price

The attitude towards pricing and negotiation may also be very different too. Research suggests that a female buyer is three times more likely to pay the asking price for a property than a male. While both men and women can be very tough negotiators indeed, data shows that only around 5 per cent of male buyers end up paying the full asking price. Just over three quarters (78 per cent) agreed to offer 90 per cent or more of the asking price.

A female buyer, on the other hand, can be totally driven by a determined need to secure a house at all costs. Nearly one in six (17 per cent) may simply offer the full asking price, and a remarkable nine in ten will offer 90 per cent or more of the asking price.

It is estimated that well over three quarters (80 per cent) of buying decisions are made or influenced by a woman. The message is clear that an appeal to the female buyer must be high on the list to stand any chance of selling your house. The targeted marketing strategy is to convince a potential female buyer to “know straightaway” your house is going to be their next home.


Direct appeal to the feminine and the homely

There are many subtle touches and attention to detail that will be more readily noticed and appreciated by a woman. From the placing of flowers and pot pourri in the hallway and on the landing to bowls of fresh fruit in the kitchen and living room. That’s not to say a man would not also be aware of a direct appeal to the feminine and the homely, of course.

The usual advice about a “declutter” and presenting a super tidy, minimalist space with modern shining floors is only part of the story. Top of the strategy list is a house interior that throughout looks, feels and above all smells absolutely fresh, clean, and with a polished gleam on every surface. Women will absolutely notice a kitchen filled with a fine range, gorgeous cookware or scented candles, fluffy towels and fragrant toiletries in the bathroom, luxury bedding in the master suite.

When a woman simply falls in love with your house the second she steps over the welcome mat, the chances are a male partner will be persuaded – by her – to agree to buy. And very near to the asking price…